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Among many companies offering plastic injection moulding, INTEMO distinguishes through:

 - experienced employees whose qualifications are constantly being raised,

 - very good technical condition of machinery and equipment,

 - offer extended to the transport of the products to the client,

 - our own warehouse.


The quality certificates also prove our constant strive for making our production processes better and innovative with regard to continuously increasing demands of our clients.

88-230 Piotrków Kujawski
ul. Wloclawska 33
tel.: +48 (54) 265 41 42
fax: +48 (54) 265 41 43

Intemo S.A. in the Gazele Biznesu 2009 rating!


Intemo S.A. has been listed among the most dynamically developing companies of the region in the rating of Gazele Biznesu 2009. We have been present in the Gazele Biznesu ratings for 5 years now and we keep improving our (...)


We support local events!


In the recent days Intemo S.A. has received a thank you letter for the financial support for the local nursery school and special thanks to support for the local sports event: XI National Windsurfing Marathon Połajewo 2009. As the residents (...)


Intemo S.A. among the best!


Intemo S.A. has been one of the companies forming a group : Forbes Diamonds 2010. This is the rating of comanies who have most dynamically increased their value during the past three years.